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EXO-K – MAMA performance at Music Bank Sky Festival

31 Aug



photo cr: @MyloveKBS via exodicted

EXO-K Kai at Sky Festival – Music Bank

29 Aug

MAMA (various angles)

Ending 1Β 

Ending 2Β 

Ending 3Β 

Ending w/ Kaisoo moments πŸ˜€

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EXO-K MAMA Goodbye Stage on Music Bank 120615

15 Jun

EXO-K’s promotions of ‘MAMA’ are coming to an end after such an amazing journey to be fully established group.

Here’s their performance from Music Bank today.


EXO-K’s performance of MAMA at Music Bank 120608

8 Jun

Here is EXO-K’s amazing performance of MAMA today!

They’ve really improved a lot since their debut stage. The vocals were totally on point today and Kai didn’t look like he was in pain which is good to see.


…The thing that worries me though, is that the stylists had pulled out the back of Kai’s shirt so that there’ll be no repetition of Kai lifting his arms in the dance break to show all the pain-relief patches on his back. This must mean that his back still hasn’t healed right? I think he really needs more rest that SM are giving him. It breaks my heart to see him this way…

But anyway, keep on praying for Kai ok? And also the other members of EXO ~ we don’t want anymore injuries!


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picture from: tvdaily and nocutplay