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More Confirmed Information About EXO’s Comeback

12 Sep

MTVK have confirmed via an article on their website that EXO are having a comeback very soon along with TVXQ and SNSD. It seems that TVXQ are set to have a Korean Comeback by the end of this month, and SNSD are to have a Korean comeback in October (note this makes it a year since their most recent Korean studio album was released “The Boys”) and EXO will have their comeback soon after that. 🙂

TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin have been touring Japan in the earlier half of 2012, and are almost ready to greet their fans in South Korea with a new image. In an interview back in April, Changmin hinted that a full album, not just a new single, was part of the plan for their comeback. (Yes, please.) Expect the dual kings of K-pop back later this month, almost a year and a half after the repackaged album, Keep Your Head Down.

Even if you’re just a casual K-pop fan, you probably know someone suffering from Girls’ Generation withdrawal. Be kind and let them know that the wait is almost over. The girls are preparing a comeback as early as next month. Can you believe it’s been about a year since their last domestic release with their third studio album, The Boys?

Because SM CEO Lee Soo Man first started hyping his newest group way back in April 2011, it feels like they’ve been around forever. However, in reality, the EXO haven’t really released much since the official debut of their single “MAMA” last spring. (Try comparing that to B.A.P’s consistent comeback cycle since their January debut). FYI, SM is planning to release the EXO’s first full-length album right after Girls’ Generation’s comeback in October.

Well, EXO are coming back sooner than we thought 😀 Are you excited for TVXQ and SNSD as well?

source: mtvk

120911 News on EXO’s Comeback Date

11 Sep

We finally have some information for you on the date of the group that took forever to debut and now are taking forever to comeback haha 😀

SM’s line-up for the second half of the year starts with DBSK’s comeback. DBSK will come back at the end of the month and SNSD will resume their Korean promotions in October at the earliest. Then EXO are expected to release their full album. There are currently no plans for a rookie singer or group to debut. In other words, the results of SM Entertainment’s second half of the year will be determined bu SNSD’s results. While being diversified, this portfolio can only be concerning.


Well, it looks like EXO will have a comeback around December time 😦 I’m personally happy about TVXQ’s comeback, but this information here shows that EXO’s are left to the last. But atleast they are coming back soon 😀 What do you think about this?

source: sport chosun | translation cr: emilie @ exok-trans


EXO at S.M.ART Exhibition 120809

9 Aug

EXO  segment

eng subs


31 Jul

Can you spot Kai? lol ~ Don’t worry, I labelled it for you:

‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION’, which will be held at COEX in Samseong-dong, Seoul from August 10th to 19th, is a combination of SM’s premium contents and the most advanced digital technology. S.M.ENTERTAINMENT and global businesses have collaborated together to present the world’s first interactive entertainment exhibition. Tickets for the exhibition can be reserved at http://​ticket.auction.co.kr/
Also, as a part of the exhibition, there is ‘S.M.ART EXHIBITION Creative Art Contest’ for artistic works with SM artists’ motif and more details of the contest is available on SM official website (http://www.smtown.com/).
source: SMTOWN Facebook Staff

EXO to apppear in drama?

9 Jul

EXO-K and EXO-M both participated in the poster shooting for an upcoming drama: To Beautiful You. It is the Korean version of ‘Hana Kimi’.

Only Kris, Lay and Luhan were there for the poster shoot.

The drama will be set in an International High School where EXO-K will be students and EXO-M will be International Students.

The roles in the drama will be played by SM Entertainment trainees. To Beautiful You airs on SBS on August 8 Wed/Thur.

Exciting! Kai in a drama? What kind of role do you think he will play?

source: (cr: 天然萌系小王子) via Sment_EXO

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EXO-K Weibo Update on Fan Meeting

18 Jun

SM Entertainment banned all fan taken photos at the event that was held yesterday, where EXO-K has a surprise event meeting with their fans, as it was just meant to be a special event for the fans that attended.

But it’s OK, because today we can see more. Photos from the event have been released via EXO-K’s official Weibo:

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EXO-K Interview with Asia Today News

9 Jun


Asia Today News interviewed EXO-K, you can read the interview here:


EXO-K, the birth of the well-rounded K-POP morning stars who have dance·singing skills·looks

Only two months after the debut of the scary rookies with in the K-Pop industry…explosive popularity oversea too.

“Until now it’s 60 points, we will earn the rest by working hard.”

The rookie group who debuted just two months ago are writing the  K-Pop industry’s new story. The heroes, EXO, are from Korea’s best  company representing K-Pop, SM Entertainment (aka SM), the company is  ambitiously presenting a new group 2 years after f(x) and as for the  male groups, 4 years after SHINee. Extraordinarily for rookies, they recorded 100,000 sales a month  after their debut and went up to 1st place on the Korean music charts.  They also received attention from overseas as they got 1st place on  Tower Record’s charts even though they didn’t debut officially in Japan  nor did they have any activities there. EXO is composed of two teams, EXO-K promoting in Korea and EXO-M  promoting in China. Before their debut, they had a 100 days global  promotion and splendidly debuted in Korea and China through large-scale  showcases.

EXO-K is formed with Suho, Baekhyun, Chanyeol, D.O, Kai and Sehun,  they show a charisma on stage that isn’t like other rookies’ and a  perfect performance, they’re coming up as this year’s best rookies. All  of the 6 members basically have handsome looks and have the perfect  dance and singing skills allowing them to get all of the fangirls’ love.

EXO’s title song ‘MAMA’ is the work of the hit songs’ composer Yoo  Youngjin, it has the orchestra’s imposing sound doubling the mysterious  mood. The dancebreak’s sharp synth and guitar riff even show a powerful  feeling with the strong shouting, it properly shows us the revival of  the SMP (SM Music Performance: SM Entertainment’s unique music  performance).

“You can see that we’re representing SM with the SMP, a genre that our past seniors did, but we’re really proud to be able to do it.  We first received the song and studied it while watching H.O.T or  Shinhwa seniors’ images. We were also really pressured because we had to do even better since it’s been a long time since the SMP was used but  we took pride in it and are working hard to not deceive the  expectations.”

Since EXO-K are the new group from the K-Pop stars’ cradle, SM, who  produced BoA, DBSK, SNSD, Super Junior, SHINee, f(x), etc; they received a big interest since predebut from the fans and the music  representatives. They must’ve been really pressured as well because of  that. How did EXO-K overcome that pressure?

“It’s true that we were very pressured. We knew that the  expectations were high for us, as the first SM group after a while. The  100 days of promotion weren’t a short period, and during that time, we  also felt that the expectations about us were rising. We worked even  harder to live up to these expectations. Instead, it became an  opportunity to get tougher. We’re still pressured but we will make even  more efforts to not taint our seniors’ reputation.”

EXO-K and EXO-M are currently promoting ‘MAMA’ in Korea and China at  the same time. Wouldn’t there be any rivalry with EXO-M who are  promoting in China?

“Since we spent our training period with the EXO-M members,  we’re more friends that are like a family than rivals. We monitor each  other’s stage and give advice to each other. We make even more efforts  to have a win-win situation between EXO-K and EXO-M. Because EXO-K and  EXO-M are in one group, EXO, we’re promoting proudly.”

On May 20th, EXO-K went on ‘SMTOWN LIVE’ World tour’s stage at LA,  only two months after their debut, they were having a concert abroad.

“We were dreaming of becoming singers while watching our SM  seniors like DBSK, Super Junior, SNSD, etc., so the fact that we were  standing on the same stage as these people was exciting and  overwhelming. The schedule lasted only the short period of 2 nights and 3 days but we felt really a lot of things while feeling our sunbae’s  awesome image on stage with them. Foreigners prepared more fanboards  than what we expected and sang our songs with us too. We were really  amazed and thankful.

This year, more rookie groups are debuting in the music industry than during any other year. Among so many groups, what is EXO-K’s strong  point?

“We think that our strongest point is that we’re promoting at the same time in Korea and China with the same song with EXO-M. We also have an infinite potential and always show new stages, we’re a group  who has a lot of things to show. And on the basis of this strong point,  we want to challenge this year’s rookie award. We want EXO to be known  not only in Asia but all over the world, we hope you can enjoy that with us while listening to our music.”



Source: exodicted.blogspot.co.uk | Translations: emilie @ exok-trans

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