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EXO Kai at Incheon Aiport 120923

23 Sep

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EXO-K Kai heading to Indonesia 120921

21 Sep


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Kai at Incheon airport 120704

4 Jul

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EXO-K at Incheon Aiport heading to Changsha

2 Jul

KAI! ❤

~this is Kai’s luggage ;D
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EXO K&M arriving at Changsha airport

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EXO-K at Incheon Airport 120625

25 Jun

EXO-K have safely arrived back in Korea.

And although I miss them already (especially Kai ~ he was so cute when he got lost and… *sighs*) I’m really happy that they are now back in their own environment ready to work on their comeback! I also hope they get a lot of rest in this period; especially sleepy Kai >_<

Kai looks like he was thinking: “Home Sweet Home” when he got back to Incheon airport 🙂

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EXO-K at the airport heading to London [120621]

21 Jun

EXO-K at Incheon airport earlier on heading towards the UK for the MBC Kpop Festival held in London.

I’m so happy that EXO-K are going to be in my country!! I was so excited when I woke up in the morning and saw that they had arrived at Incheon airport to take their flight. They are going to have sometime between when they actually land in London and when they actually  go to the airport, so I wonder what they are going to do. London doesn’t have anything like Disney Land for them to go and have fun in. LOL

I’m really excited for their arrival seeing as I live in England 😀


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