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EXO-K backstage 120908

8 Sep

EXO-K backstage with model Lee Sung Kyung.

cr: @lskung

EXO-K with Lie Sang Bong at 8th Jeju Island Fashion Show rehearsal

8 Sep

cr: Lie Sang Bong’s official twitter

Kai at Jeju Music Festival – Rehearsal 120908

8 Sep

Kai at the rehearsal for the Jeju Music Festival. It was reported earlier that Kai and Chanyeol would be catwalking in the fashion show.

Rehearsal fancams

Kai and Chanyeol w/ K.Plus Media CEO (cr: jenny2477@twitter)

cr: jenny2477@twitter

cr: KBS

cr: KBS

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Kai and Chanyeol with Lie Sang Bong

4 Sep

Lie Sang Bong confirmed yesterday that Kai and Chanyeol will both be catwalk modelling at the 8th Jeju Island Fashion Show!

A picture was released of the three together today after Kai and Chanyeol were done fitting for their outfits 😀

cr: Lie Sang Bong