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EXO Weibo Update

14 Aug

Taken from S.M.ART Exhibition



[ENG SUB] EXO on Thailand Tonight – Fantastic Thursday 120802

6 Aug

UPDATED with better version (these are not out of sync).

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

EXO-M Weibo Update from Happy Camp OT12

5 Jul

EXO Kai at Happy Camp recording 120703 [part 2]

4 Jul


cr: as tagged 

Fan account-Kai and Lay had a special stage [cr: 简奕苏]

-Kai lifted his shirt keke [cr: 为人民开鹿]

-Luhan wiped his sweat with a towel then passed it to Kai and he used it too [cr: 为人民开鹿]

via EXO.Intl

Even more Photos


EXO appear in 2012 S.M. YOUTH STAR AUDITION Promo [video]

28 Jun

So, SM are going to hold a brand new audition and information is talked about it in this video by SMTOWN idols. Both EXO-K and EXO-M appear in this video, along with TaeTiSeo and SHINee.

EXO-K speak in Korean in this video, EXO-M speak Mandarin (including Chen and Xiu Min!), SHINee all speak perfect Japanese, and Tiffany of TaeTiSeo aswell as EXO-M’s Kris speak English! So check it out ~ and fangirl/boy over the many languages of our SMTOWN artists! 😀

…oh and er… make sure to audition aswell! lol ~

Like Tiffany said, “You can register by email or visit us for more details at smtown.com and click the 2012 S.M Audition Youth Star banner.”

Leave a comment below yo!