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Ivy Club Update – Official EXO-K Photos

22 Sep

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EXO-K Official Poster for Ivy Club Uniforms

14 Sep

Aah! So handsome 😀

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EXO-K for Ivy Club 120913

13 Sep



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7 Sep


EXO-K at Satzone (Preview) 120903

3 Sep

[Fantaken] EXO-K helping at Eden I Ville (Children School)

1 Sep

So cute! I’m crying :”)

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[Fanaccount] EXO-K reactions to “fanboy” at Fansigning

28 Aug

Actually, this is an account from a guy who’s NOT an EXO-K fan. He just went in place of his girlfriend who’s a huge fan to this fansigning event and he posted his honest opinions of their real-life appearances and the members’ reactions to seeing a male fan (which is rare at a fan signing event).

Sehun: He was the first guy in line. His face was sorta long, sorta. BUT HE WAS HANDSOME. Honestly, even when he saw that I was a guy, he wasn’t surprised or anything, and I was emphasizing that I came in place of a friend, but he didn’t really look like he cared. With an expressionless face, he just signed the album.

Suho: He was the second guy, and I knew right away that he was the leader. He had this face on that looked reliable and responsible(?) and his eyes were shining. BUT HE WAS HANDSOME. I appeared before him and he was like “Oh, it’s a guy.” and I shook my head saying that I came instead of a friend. He replied, “Oh~ So that’s the case~” and asked the name of my friend. I said her name and he smiled and while saying “Thank you~”

Kai: This third guy was a lot darker (his skin tone) than the first and second guy, so I was kinda surprised. BUT HE WAS HANDSOME. His expressionless face was kinda scary but then he smiled right away and asked for my name. I answered him with my friend’s name, and he commented that my name was really feminine. I explained that I was getting the signatures for my girlfriend, and he smirked and said “Bye Bye.”

Chanyeol: This fourth guy was wearing glasses. He looks like he’d look better without the glasses, but I think he wore it for this fan signing event only. BUT HE WAS HANDSOME. For this guy, it was plain. I repeated the same old explanation over again, but it seems like he already heard me the first three times with the former members, so he just said “Bye bye” at the end.

Kyungsoo: This fifth guy kekekeke He’s the one who climbed on top of the chair to sign the poster before. His eyes shine EVEN MORE than the second guy (Suho) and when he looks up at you, his image is very stupid-like (he means this in a vulnerable-looking way). BUT HE WAS HANDSOME. He looked at me and said, “Oh, I didn’t know. It seems guys like us too.” And then I explained all over again that it wasn’t like that and I came for a friend and her name’s “…” And after I finished talking, he looked very flustered for misunderstanding. kekeke and then he said bye. Honestly, as a guy myself, I say he looks pretty boyish and he looks like the MOST HANDSOME one out of all the members. Even though when he stood, it was sorta funny/cute ‘cause he was short.

Baekhyun: This last guy was the one I made unintentional eye contact with a lot through the event. What was his name? Baekhyun? Anyways, he had his hair all curled, but it really didn’t suit him. BUT HE WAS HANDSOME. He laughed and asked for my name and I answered him. He muttered to himself that it’s a girl’s name. So I explained myself again and he nodded, going “Ah~” And then, like that, he signed and gave the album back.


LOL! A lot of them seemed to think that this guy had a very feminine name, I think that’s what really makes this so funny xD

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