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[VIDEO] Happy Birthday Kai !! from jongini@wp

19 Jan

So I finally finished making Kai’s tribute video for his birthday (and I know it’s a little late cuz I’m in the middle of exams) but I just had to do make a video for Kai’s birthday. Since this is all I have to give lol ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, I hope you enjoy it nevertheless…

Here it is!

Happy Birthday Kai !! ~ cute kid Jongin โ™ฅ

Another tribute video (a sexy version) will be coming up soon with jongini’s comeback. ๐Ÿ™‚

EXO-K perform at The K Show 121013

13 Oct

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121012 EXO-K perform at Chaorwon TaeBong Festival

12 Oct

Talk 1


so awesome!ย (Talk and CY rap)ย 

Kai โ™ฅ



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Kai and Sehun out and about 121012

12 Oct

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EXO-K Kai at Nanum Grand Festival 121007

7 Oct

Talk (Kai edit)



History (Kai focus)

MAMA (Kai focus)ย 

MAMA (Kai focus)


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EXO-K at Music Core Backstage with TVXQ 121006

7 Oct

Yesterday EXO-K went to visit TVXQ at Music Core.

cr: TVXQ’s Official Website via: exodicted

EXO-K Mengniu Interview 121006 (Part 2)

6 Oct