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New version of EXO-K MAMA MV released at S.M.ART Exhibition

12 Aug

Today, all of EXO visited the S.M.ART Exhibition again today, and as previously reported a new version of EXO-K’s music video for MAMA was released at the Exhibtion. It contains more close-ups of the K members and never before seen clips that will make you go crazy!

Here it is:

I don’t know if there’ll be a HD version released by SM Entertainment soon, but we’ll see. And I totally hope so 🙂

There’ll be more coming up from EXO’s visit to the Exhibition coming up soon 🙂

S.M.ART Me2day update – EXO-K

11 Aug

Genie AR Show with EXO at S.M.ART Exhibition

11 Aug




*EP1 was f(x)

Kai and Taemin together at S.M.ART Exhibition 120811

11 Aug

Today, on a surprise visit, Kai and Taemin came to the SM.ART Exhibition together for a date.

fancam interview w/ eng sub

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SM.ART Exhibition Official Goods Scan – KAI

10 Aug


Cr: LUandHAN via exocanada

What is at S.M.ART Exhibition?

10 Aug

A little promo 🙂

Mail Box

If you have something to tell your favorite artist, write it on a postcard and put it in the mail box.

Media Island

You can freely appreciate various contents including SM artists’ music videos, albums, digital photo books, unreleased videos, etc. through tablet PC.

Music Theatre

BOSE and everysing present the home theater space for the future. Enjoy the SM artists’ music videos and videos of their performances in HD and BOSE’s 5.1 channel home theater.

Rare Items

 The secret place, where you can see SM artists’ unreleased photos and 1,000 polaroid images and props used at their concerts, will be open!


Full credit to Staff at SMTOWN Facebook

Kai after S.M.ART Exhibition 120809

9 Aug

Kai even makes getting out of the car look sexy…