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[VIDEO] Happy Birthday Kai !! from jongini@wp

19 Jan

So I finally finished making Kai’s tribute video for his birthday (and I know it’s a little late cuz I’m in the middle of exams) but I just had to do make a video for Kai’s birthday. Since this is all I have to give lol 😀

Well, I hope you enjoy it nevertheless…

Here it is!

Happy Birthday Kai !! ~ cute kid Jongin ♥

Another tribute video (a sexy version) will be coming up soon with jongini’s comeback. 🙂

Who will win this year’s ‘Newcomer Award’? EXO, BAP or Ailee?

4 Oct

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EXO at #3 in Top 20 K-Pop Idols with Most Baidu Members

25 Sep

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More Confirmed Information About EXO’s Comeback

12 Sep

MTVK have confirmed via an article on their website that EXO are having a comeback very soon along with TVXQ and SNSD. It seems that TVXQ are set to have a Korean Comeback by the end of this month, and SNSD are to have a Korean comeback in October (note this makes it a year since their most recent Korean studio album was released “The Boys”) and EXO will have their comeback soon after that. 🙂

TVXQ’s Yunho and Changmin have been touring Japan in the earlier half of 2012, and are almost ready to greet their fans in South Korea with a new image. In an interview back in April, Changmin hinted that a full album, not just a new single, was part of the plan for their comeback. (Yes, please.) Expect the dual kings of K-pop back later this month, almost a year and a half after the repackaged album, Keep Your Head Down.

Even if you’re just a casual K-pop fan, you probably know someone suffering from Girls’ Generation withdrawal. Be kind and let them know that the wait is almost over. The girls are preparing a comeback as early as next month. Can you believe it’s been about a year since their last domestic release with their third studio album, The Boys?

Because SM CEO Lee Soo Man first started hyping his newest group way back in April 2011, it feels like they’ve been around forever. However, in reality, the EXO haven’t really released much since the official debut of their single “MAMA” last spring. (Try comparing that to B.A.P’s consistent comeback cycle since their January debut). FYI, SM is planning to release the EXO’s first full-length album right after Girls’ Generation’s comeback in October.

Well, EXO are coming back sooner than we thought 😀 Are you excited for TVXQ and SNSD as well?

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2012 August Daum Fancafe Ranking List

31 Aug

EXO were ranked 28th on this Daum Fancafe Ranking List.

Quite low if you ask me ~lol.

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EXO-K MAMA (Full Dance Practice)

30 Aug

This was uploaded earlier on, but it was taken down. If the same thing re-occurs, I shall upload it onto another website 🙂

So did you enjoy? 😀

EXO at China-Korea Music Festival

25 Aug

Rehearsal Ending


MAMA (Kai focus dance break)

Ending (Kai focus)

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