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EXO OT12 on Happy Camp 120721

21 Jul

full eng sub


an extra bonus (Kai focus fancam in Two Moons) *MUST WATCH*

another bonus: Kai focus fancam during game

haha yet another bonus: Kai is just so cute here

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[ENG SUB] Happy Camp preview with EXO 120714

14 Jul

A preview of the episode of Happy Camp with OT12 EXO was aired today! Check it out below!

EXO Kai at Happy Camp recording 120703 [part 2]

4 Jul


cr: as tagged 

Fan account-Kai and Lay had a special stage [cr: 简奕苏]

-Kai lifted his shirt keke [cr: 为人民开鹿]

-Luhan wiped his sweat with a towel then passed it to Kai and he used it too [cr: 为人民开鹿]

via EXO.Intl

Even more Photos


EXO at Happy Camp recording 120703

3 Jul

Photos taken before and at the recording of Happy Camp today with OT12 EXO!

The stage and audience before the show starts (cr: 酷狗音乐EXO粉丝团)

Food support for EXO from the Chinese fans (cr: as tagged)

“Actually, Hunan TV not allowed fans bring any scrolls inside to support~ But fans are smart! They hidding them in the pocket~”

“And when EXO come out, fans will all hold the scrolls and do support for  them!!!”

Cr:旋律_朴灿烈中文首站 via @Planet_EXO

The show has started!

The stuff in happy camp said EXO will arrive there to perform around 9pm CST~ so now they just staying at hotel prepare

Cr:Lovexo via @Planet_EXO

Happy camp will record in 2 parts~ EXO will be the first one to perform in the second part

EXO were eating Watermelon at their dressing room at Hunan TV

EXO are ate the food that the fanbase prepared for them 🙂

Fans saw Staff bring some ice cream to EXO’s standby room~ Guys are u sure u are stand by not in vacation?~

Cr:酷狗音乐EXO粉丝团 via @Planet_EXO

Mayn.. Those boys were eating a lot; KFC; noodles; food from their fanbase; watermelon; ice cream… LOL

Heading to recording (cr: as tagged)

The recording lasted are 20mins, and this is EXO-K’s first appearance for variety show

EXO thanked the waitresses who served them, they ordered a lot of isotonic drinks

 Cr: 吴亦凡效应) via @EXO_M_K

Tomorrow EXO-K will back to Korea,EXO-M will go to Chengdu for Concert

Cr: sotea123 via @EXO_M_K

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EXO Kai at rehearsals and performance for Happy Camp 120702

2 Jul

Rehearsal end

(cr: as tagged)

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Kai in Changsha with EXO!

2 Jul

Kai fans! ~from Kiss JongIn 😀

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