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Full Audio of MAXSTEP released from PYL Younique Album

17 Oct

Are you looking forward to the Music Video? 😀

PYL Maxstep teaser

17 Oct

Younique Album Jacket Vol.1 SCANS – Kai

17 Oct

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Kai, Luhan, Hyoyeon, Eunhyuk and Taemin for PYL Unique

16 Oct

SM Entertainment and Hyundai have made a collaboration called PYL Unique. Kai, Luhan, Hyoyeon,Eunhyuk and Taemin are all included in the promotion for PYL Unique.

There will be a a music video for ‘Mazstep’ by the Younigue unit, which is a powerful dubstep type song. It will be released via YouTube on the 17th October.

source: EXOKM12 @ weibo, ssign99

Kai and Luhan out and about 121003

5 Oct

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7 Sep