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JONGINI is back from 3-day hiatus.

6 Aug

Sorry, about the un-announced hiatus. I actually had absolutely no internet access for those three days and it killed me that I was missing out of the action and that jongini could not be updated.

Right now, I announce that jongini is officially back and hopefully will go on until Kai is an old man lol 🙂

Thank you for still visiting the site, even though there were no updates.

I’m already caught up on what has been happening in the last 3 days and although I cannot back track all the media and information from what is absent from this site today, I will try my best to update what I can. From today (right now), this fanbase will carry on as usual, and I hope that this can be your #1 base for what is going on with EXO’s Kai.

If you would like to be an admin, to keep this site active if I am ever unavailable, please contact me by writing a comment on this post or sending fanmail via the official tumblr of jongini.

So thank you, for your patience. 🙂

~jongini admin

EXO Kai at Happy Camp recording 120703 [part 2]

4 Jul


cr: as tagged 

Fan account-Kai and Lay had a special stage [cr: 简奕苏]

-Kai lifted his shirt keke [cr: 为人民开鹿]

-Luhan wiped his sweat with a towel then passed it to Kai and he used it too [cr: 为人民开鹿]

via EXO.Intl

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